Phang Legal is your Parramatta law firm

Phang Legal is a small law firm based in the Parramatta CBD, the geographic centre of Sydney and the sixth largest CBD in Australia.

We provide professional legal services in a wide range of areas focusing on property law and conveyancing, commercial transactions, corporate compliance, small claims litigation, estates and elders law. We are also able to offer the services of a notary public. In recent years, we have also expanded to include practice areas such as criminal law and family law.

Our clients are generally individuals, small businesses and companies, and not for profit organisations located within the Sydney metropolitan area, other parts of New South Wales and interstate. We also assist a number of overseas clients and multinational corporations with their local business interests.

Our clients receive a high level of professional legal services at a competitive rate. We offer practical and cost effective solutions for your peace of mind and satisfaction. We take pride in offering professional legal services that touch the lives of others, and positively influence the community around us. It is our pleasure to serve people and serve the community.

Phang Legal is committed to the enviroment

The environment is every individual's global responsibility. There is no such concept as 'individual insignificance' because everyone can play an important part in preserving the world we live in.

At Phang Legal, we are committed to continuously improving our operational efficiencies and reducing office waste in key areas such as energy, water, paper and paper based resources. We have taken part in a number of initiatives to improve the efficiency in our electricity usage, reduce our electricity consumption, and reduce our paper waste through recycling.

What is our history?

“...we take pride in offering professional legal services that touch the lives of others.”

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