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Not all law firms are the same.

Phang Legal is young* law firm offering a different attitude to the practice of law and a different approach to the delivery of legal services. We honour the traditions and maintain the standards of the legal profession, while staying current and relevant to the ever changing social landscape and to client requirements and expectations.

Phang Legal is a professional legal practice dedicated to serving people and supporting the community. Client service and satisfaction are the cornerstones of our practice. If you understand and appreciate the level of attention and dedication necessary to achieving your goals, you will look no further than Phang Legal.

We make things simple. We make things easy. You benefit from our desire to do better and be better. That’s our promise.

* established 2002 (yes, we celebrated our 10th year anniversary a few years ago so in that we sense we’re not that young – but it’s all relative isn’t it?)

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