Notary Public Services – Affidavits and Statutory Declarations

Notary public services to witness Affidavits and Statutory Declarations

As a notary public, we assist clients who must swear or affirm affidavits and statutory declarations in Australia for use overseas. The affidavits or statutory declarations may be needed for court proceedings, finance applications and loan documents, employment or qualification recognition, or relate to various government documents and forms.

Before seeking our assistance, check whether the intended destination country has any formal requirements as to the form and nature of the affidavit or statutory declaration. You may even want to ask your lawyer in that country to provide you with guidelines or a checklist as to how the affidavit or statutory declaration must be signed and sworn. By making these simple enquiries, you avoid any unnecessary cost or delays associated with ‘getting it wrong’ the first time.

Remember, the laws of different countries are different, so you need to be sure that any document that you sign in Australia, even if it is legally valid in Australia, will be recognised in the intended destination country. If your lawyer in the intended destination country cannot provide you with the form and nature of the affidavit or statutory declaration, at least obtain the most appropriate wording or text that will give the document the best chance of being accepted in the intended destination country and legally valid according to their laws.