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Notary public services allowing further studying in Lebanon

LebanonWhenever we have clients who want to relocate to Lebanon or send their children to study in Lebanon, as an experienced notary public we are asked to notarise and authenticate their children’s student records.

We understand that this is generally a requirement for enrolling into schools in Lebanon and it is very rare that there would be any exceptions to this requirement.

If you do not verify or notarise the student records, the schools in Lebanon may reject or refuse to accept them – which, if you are not prepared for it, could result in additional delay and cost in enrolling your children into the intended school.

The general process for ensuring that the student records are accepted in Lebanon involves:

  1. Notarising the student records.  We assist our clients to verify student records with the respective school, and then notarise the student records as either being the original or certified true copies of the original.
  2. Authenticating the student records. After we have notarised the student records, we arrange for our signature and seal to be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). DFAT stamp the already notarised student records to confirm that our notary public has properly notarised the documents.
  3. Legalising the student records. Having authenticated the student records with DFAT the next step involves legalising the student records with the Embassy of Lebanon in Canberra.

In summary, the schools in Lebanon will recognise and accept the legalisation of the student records by their own embassy, the Embassy of Lebanon in Canberra, which confirms that the student records have been properly authenticated by DFAT, which confirms that the student records have been properly notarised, which confirms that the student records have been notarised, which confirms that the student records are the original or certified copies of the original. (Hopefully, that chain of events clarifies the process).

If you need assistance with sending student records to Lebanon, you should first find out what are the requirements of the schools in Lebanon, familiarise yourself with the requirements of the Embassy of Lebanon in Canberra, and be aware that this whole process takes time (possibly a week if not more to complete). Do not leave it to the last minute, especially if you already know that you will be travelling in the near future. Planning in advance will avoid any unnecessary stress or additional cost and inconvenience.

Please be aware that the same process applies if you are sending tertiary qualifications or records such as testamurs, transcripts, letters of completion or other related documents from an Australian university or tertiary institution to Lebanon. Those documents will also need to be notarised by our notary public and authenticated by DFAT and the Embassy of Lebanon.

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