Parramatta Notary Public – No Change to Notary Public Fees

Phang Legal reopens for 2010 – notary fees announced

Being the first day back for 2010, we have reviewed our current pricing policy regarding our notary public services. Despite the increasing operation costs experienced over the last 6 months to 31 December 2009, we have decided to maintain our current fees for notary public services.

We have faith in the economy and are fortunate to have not suffered any negative impact from the so-called ‘global financial crisis’. We remain resolved in our business strategies and confident in meeting our goals. Continued investment of resources in community services ensures ongoing development of relationships between our practice and those whom we hope to be a positive influence.

We strive to

  • Be one of the most cost effective notary public services in Sydney
  • Provide notary public services on an urgent or short notice basis
  • Promote practical solutions to overseas document requirements
  • Advise generally on processes and highlight risks and concerns

As the demand for notary public services increase, as well as enquiries regarding translation services, we plan to extend our services to offer translation services by NAATI accredited translators to meet the demand.

Document translation services

Our translation services (currently limited to clients of our professional legal services) will allow our notary public clients to translate their documents from their original language into English or from English into a language of choice. At the moment, our services will focus mainly on areas of high demand including:

  • Arabic to English translations
  • Chinese to English translations
  • Malay or Indonesian to English translations
  • Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian to English translations

Please direct any other enquiries regarding our translation services (or other languages covered by our panel of NAATI accredited translators) to our Document Translation page or contact our office on 02 9687 8885.