Notary Public Services – Certificates of No Impediment to Marriage

Public notary helping you get married overseas

As a public notary providing assistance with documents used in foreign countries, clients often ask us to notarise documents to apply for certificates of No Impediment to Marriage.

AustraliaThe legal requirements for Australians to marry overseas or to marry foreign nationals in another country can be different and unfamiliar, so if you need guidance before using our services, you should make enquiries with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). DFAT provides information on obtaining certificates of No Impediment to Marriage or directions regarding contacting the local office of the relevant country.

In addition to notarising specific identification documents, sworn documents and declarations, you may also need to have those documents authenticated or obtain an apostille – depending on the intended country. We will provide you wish hassle-free notary public services to facilitate your application to avoid unnecessary delay and headache.

Depending on your reasons for wanting to marry overseas, you may want to consider the option of legally marrying in Australia but having a ceremony or celebration overseas – which is often the main reason why couples who normally live in Australia choose to ‘marry’ overseas. Sometimes they want a romantic destination, sometimes its considered to be cheaper, or maybe their family and friends are overseas – whatever the reason, the option of legally marrying in Australia because it is relatively less complicated which then avoids the hassles of navigating through the process that is normally involved in marrying overseas. For more information regarding marrying in Australia, please visit the Registry of Birth Deaths & Marriages, or your equivalent authority in your state.