USA – Notary Public for Property Transactions

Property Transactions in the United States of America

United States of AmericaIn the United States of America, legal documents prepared for property transactions generally require notary public services and notarisation in some form or another irrespective of whether you are buying property or selling property. While notarisation in the US is a fairly common practice, it is less common in Australia. In the US, a notary is similar to a justice of the peace in Australia but in Australia, a notary is a different role normally filled by a senior lawyer.

So if your US attorney sends documents for you to sign and notarise in Australia, what do you do?

Notarising your documents in Australia

You have a few options available to you.

  1. You could travel to the US to sign the documents in front of a US notary;
  2. You could visit the closest US Consulate in your closest capital city; or
  3. You could avoid the additional expense and delay of those options and use our notary public services.

As a leading provider of notary public services in Parramatta, we assist many clients across Sydney with their legal documents intended for America, especially legal documents relating to property transactions.

Whenever our clients have US property transactions, we ensure that their legal documentation satisfies their US attorney’s instructions so that they will be legally valid and properly recognised in America. Be aware that depending on the county your legal documents for property transaction may also need to be stamped with an apostille.

If you are buying or selling property in the US, then our hassle-free notary services offer you the most cost-effective solution without the headaches and without the hassles. Our notary public and notary services are recognised by the US Consulate, Sydney and our details currently appear on their website for notaries in the Parramatta area.