Moment doctor flatlines after virus battle

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Not a joke. It’s crazy how some Australians aren’t taking the coronavirus seriously. Not only do they ignore health warnings or guidelines about social distancing and other infection preventative measures, but they go out of their way to defy them and even aggressively act against them. But why? Is it because in Australia, it’s been mainly the elderly who have died after being infected and they don’t see how the coronavirus can take a perfectly healthy younger person and put them death’s door? As the number of cases begin to rise in Australia, we’re now seeing more and more younger people being infected (including children) and sadly as the number rises so will the number of cases leading to death. Will that be the trigger that will cause many people to open their eyes?
This is the agonising moment a famous UK celebrity doctor was forced to watch his twin brother’s heart stop in the emergency ward while he was battling coronavirus.