Creep used Snapchat for child sex chats

So with the recent spotlight on TikTok and censorship, do you really think the problem is with the social media platforms? If it’s not TikTok, then it’s Snapchat. If it’s not Snapchat, then it’s Facebook or Instagram? Or what about instant messaging apps like Messenger or Whatsapp? Have you heard of House Party?

To say the problem is with the technology isn’t fair. The problem is with people (as it’s always been). The technology may facilitate it, but it’s not technology’s fault and certainly not one single application or platform either. If people want to perpetrate these kinds of acts and behaviours, they’ll always find a way – right now, it’s easier to do it over social media. but don’t assume it’s only social media or will always be social media.

Which is worse? Predators attempting to get your attention on social media or those who physically stalk and threaten you at your home, school or workplace?
WARNING: Graphic