Olga’s fears were written off, top cop says

The system failed her and it continues to fail others.

After dealing with case after case, day after day, week after week, month after month – we’ve seen first hand how sometimes the police, the prosecutors, the lawyers and the courts just go through the motions (ie, just another file, just another case) lacking both understanding or empathy. Add an unhealthy touch of cynicism caused by repeated ‘vexatious’ claim and the sadly the end result is some things that should be taken seriously, aren’t.

So what happens when people ‘just doing my job’ (and potentially not even doing it that well) in the system, results in the deaths of those the system was designed to protect?

They’re not just another file, or another case, or number, or a statistic… real lives, real lives lost.

Police failed in their duty when they wrote off Olga Edward’s complaint that her husband had repeatedly assaulted their teenage children, the head of NSW Police’s domestic violence unit says.