Gun registry ‘scrolled past’ evil Dad’s DV incidents

Your home. Your family. It’s supposed to be where you are the safest and most secure. But what happens when it’s not? There should be zero tolerance when it comes to domestic violence.

A single offence is already inexcusable, but what about 15 reported offences? That doesn’t even include everything that’s happened in between that wasn’t reported (or reported and just ignored). Also, it’s not like these families (and not just Olga and her children) have suffered in silence for all these years. They spoke out. But no one was listening. Those responsible for ensuring the safety of others ignored the obvious signs of danger. You could say they literally put the gun in his hands.
A gun registry officer scrolled past several domestic violence incidents in a police database before giving a dad who went on to murder his children the green light for the next step towards getting a gun licence.