Lawyer called mum “hard-nosed bitch”, inquest hears

It’s easy for onlookers to pass judgments and make comments, isn’t it? But did they really know what it’s like for Olga? All those years in an abusive and violent relationship, going through legal proceedings, and having to fight for every inch to protect herself and her children. Maybe the judgments and the comments are out of context or without empathy or understanding of what she had to endure (or what she was dealing with at the time). Maybe it’s a reflection on the system that’s been desensitised to the needs of individuals whose lives are dramatically (and in this case, fatally) affected by those who chose to help, or not.
Olga Edwards, the mother of two teenagers later murdered by their father, was labelled a “hard-nosed bitch” by the independent lawyer appointed to act for her children in family court proceedings, an inquest has heard.