Changes to restrictions in NSW

Have you been keeping up to date with announcements? What about what’s happening in Victoria? During our daily interactions, a lot of people seem to be ‘over it’… pandemic fatigue.

There was a time when clients weren’t wearing masks, then they started wearing masks, and now they’re not wearing masks again. Why is that? We’ve noticed the same behaviours on the street and on public transport as well.

If these daily announcements are starting to fall on deaf ears, can you imagine what it’s like for those still living under restrictions in Victoria?

We haven’t changed our COVID-19 policies or protocols and still follow them (ie, mask wearing, social distancing, minimising numbers and contact, and disinfecting ‘public areas’ within the office).
NSW has recorded 4 coronavirus cases in hotel quarantine but no community transmission in the 24 hours to 8pm Sunday.