Warning over Google’s $2.9bn deal

Would this worry you? Does it really affect you if you’re not a Fitbit user?

The ‘invasion’ of privacy or the collection of personal information can be quite daunting to many people, but the reality is that in our search for convenience and apps that work for us (not hinder us), we give up a lot of our personal information so that our interaction with technology can be… personal and personalised.

Is it annoying to receive advertisements on social media for things that you have no interest in or are irrelevant to you? But is it scary when you receive advertisements on social media for the very thing that you’re actually interested in (especially if it’s in your own private thoughts)?

Maybe corporate big brother knows us better than we know ourselves.

Google’s planned $2.9 billion acquisition of health tracking company Fitbit should be blocked, according to academics who fear the search and advertising giant will get their hands on millions of people’s health data.