The work perks employees want to return to the office

Is it necessary to do more to get your employees to come back to the office? The sad reality is that the economy will struggle to recover if businesses don’t improve their productivity.

The ‘working from home’ model has some benefits (more so for employees) but improved productivity isn’t necessarily one of them. There are so many instances when we can’t do things because the people we’re dealing with are ‘working from home’. They’re distracted, they don’t have the relevant information in front of them or access to documents or other things necessary for them to complete what they’re supposed to do. Turns out to be a wasted call and a waste of time. How that this better? How will the economy recover?

Some clients have told us how good it is to be working from home because it allows them to look after their personal matters like visit their lawyer (us) – but that’s exactly the point! They’re not working… so who actually is?

Other clients have said that they’re working longer hours because their working from home, but is that actually true? It’s more likely that they’re working different hours (ie, later in the day) simply because they’re just doing other things throughout the day and are basically just catching up on what they should have been doing… sigh.
With many businesses desperately trying to claw their employees back to the office and away from remote working, offering free food might be a good place to start.