Singapore – Notary Public for HDB Flat Power of Attorney

Notary Public for Power of Attorney for Sale, Subletting, and General Management of an HDB Flat

SingaporeAs a leading provider of notary public services in Sydney, we are often approached by Singaporeans who own property in Singapore to witness and notarise their power of attorney to appoint an attorney in Singapore to look after their property. Specifically, we provide notary public services to witness and certify the power of attorney used in Singapore for sale, subletting, and general management of a Housing and Development Board Flat – or HDB flat.

Why do you need a power of attorney?

A power of attorney is an important legal document in which you appoint someone (ie, your attorney) to do certain things on your behalf. You might need a power of attorney when you should be physically present in the place where things need to be done (ie, sign documents or access information, etc) but you cannot be and instead, you are then represented by your attorney.

When buying or selling an HDB flat, certain matters must be attended to at different stages of the process and you may need to appoint your attorney to help you complete/sign:

  • Option to Purchase
  • Application forms
  • Declarations forms
  • Legal documents

If you cannot travel to Singapore or want to avoid the expense of travelling to Singapore, then you will need to appoint an attorney in Singapore to deal with your HDB flat on your behalf. Your attorney will then have your legal authority to complete/sign these various forms and documents on your behalf.

EDIT: From 1 March 2017, if you are using CPF monies to buy a flat, the CPF Board does not accept power of attorney witnessed by overseas Notary Publics. The power of attorney must be witnessed and sealed / stamped by an official from a Singapore Overseas Mission. Visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website for more details on the nearest Singapore Overseas Mission.

How do you get an HDB power of attorney?

You must engage a lawyer in Singapore to prepare the power of attorney for HDB flat for you. You should NOT have your power of attorney prepared for you in Australia, and you cannot use the standard power of attorney that exists in Australia (which is designed for specific states in Australia and not Singapore).

The power of attorney for HDB flat is a specific document intended for a specific purpose according to the law in Singapore. Of course, you could attempt to replicate it in Australia should you wish, or a law firm could say that they could prepare a power of attorney for Singapore for you, but you would still be better served by having a law firm in Singapore do it properly for you.

A quick search of the internet will reveal various Singaporean law firms who can prepare (and eventually register) the power of attorney for you.

How can you arrange to have your power of attorney notarised?

All notary public services are by appointment (preferably). If you do not make an appointment, you are taking the chance that the notary public is available to see you at the time you arrive, which may not be the case. Obtaining a quote or making an appointment with our office is easy.

Notarisation of your HDB power of attorney requires you (and any other owner) to sign the power of attorney in front of the notary public. The notary public will verify your identity, by comparing you with your passport or identity card, and witness your signature, and notarise your power of attorney. Depending on who prepared your power of attorney and how they prepared it, you must sign the HDB power of attorney in one place by the notary public must sign in two places – the witnessing portion with your signature as well as the certificate of verification portion (usually located below the signatures).

Our experienced notary public is familiar with legal documents from Singapore and frequently assists clients who require important documents to be sent to Singapore on short notice.

What happens after you have your HDB power of attorney notarised?

After your power of attorney has been notarised in Australia and returned to Singapore, it must be registered with the Singapore High Court registry. If a Singaporean lawyer did not prepare the power of attorney for you and you are not sure how to do this, then you will still need to engage a lawyer in Singapore to help you with registration. Without registration, your HDB power of attorney will not be valid and your attorney cannot sign the necessary forms and documents on your behalf.