Aussies urged to boycott 41 Chinese-owned vineyards

Emotions running high on this issue. How many individual businesses (both Australian and Chinese) will fall victim to this geopolitical war of words?

In the past, western powers could force trade relations on other countries (especially throughout Asia) through military might and colonial exercise of power. That’s no longer the case.

Any attempt to boycott or sabotage Chinese interest in Australia will only result in harsher action against Australian interests in trade. Right?

Real livelihoods are at stake, and the sad reality is that it’s probably going to hurt Australia and Australians more than China (for sure) or the Chinese (especially those who can afford to be invested in Australia).

If they (ie, the Chinese) play the long game, Australia really needs to think of another strategy of financial and economic independence from Chinese influence or reliance.
Australians are being urged to steer clear of 41 Australian wineries after a viral list revealed they were actually owned by Chinese companies.