NSW tracers identify 71 cases and hundreds of contacts but COVIDSAFE App found none

Before the media reports on (and before people start complaining about) the COVIDSafe App, it’s important to first ask how many people are actually using it. If most people have it installed and activated but it doesn’t/can’t contact trace, then most likely it’s a problem with the app. But if people haven’t installed it or they don’t activate it, then how can anyone start criticising or complaining about the app not working. Sounds a little unfair.

NSW tracers identify 71 coronavirus cases and hundreds of contacts, while the COVIDSAFE App found noneBy 9News Staff10:01pm Dec 20, 2020 Tweet Facebook Mail The Prime Minister has put his faith in New South Wales to get on top of the virus as he prepares to spend Christmas in Canberra.And while trac…