New mask mandate begins in Greater Sydney

Well, we can’t say we’re saddened or disappointed by this development. We’ve been advocating for a strong stance on face masks for many months.

As history has already shown us, the problem with taking half measures is that it doesn’t address the lingering danger or threat of infection. It’s been dragged out for some 6-9 months and we’ve all experienced the slow strangulation to both society and the economy.

Stronger and more absolute measures (like mandatory face masks and more stringent quarantine) are needed. At least it’s a more proactive approach to try to finally put this pandemic behind us. If we don’t, we’ll just continue to experience a resurgence of various clusters every few weeks/months followed by authorities taking reactive measures – but it’s already too late.

Perhaps we’ll never fully rid ourselves of the coronavirus (in its various mutations), so be it. We just have to come to terms with that. But at least we must move past the immediate fear and paralysis in order to return to some normality or discover a new normal.

With the beginning of 2021, we’re hopeful that authorities will continue this position and make the hard decisions that will hopefully help us enjoy the new year with a new beginning.

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Sydney residents have woken to a host of new COVID-19 restrictions on Sunday, including the mandatory wearing of face masks as authorities scramble to curb the growing outbreak.