India – Notary Public for Hindu Divorce and Legal Proceedings

Notary assisting with Divorce (Hindu) in India

Married in India and getting divorced in India? As an experienced notary public, we often assist petitioners and respondents to divorce proceedings in India under the Hindu Marriage Act.

IndiaDocuments such as affidavits in these Hindu divorce proceedings or a general power of attorney must be executed and properly witnessed in order to be valid and recognised by the courts in India. If these documents are signed in Australia but intended for use in India, the execution and witnessing of these documents must also be notarised and subsequently returned to the respective lawyers in India for use in the courts.

Making sure your documents have been signed properly is important to avoid any unnecessary delay or cost due to incorrectly signed documents. If you are not sure about the specific requirements, please ask your lawyer in India to provide clear and concise instructions regarding how the documents must be signed and notarised. You should also ask your lawyer about legalisation of notarised documents through the Consulate General of India.

Please be aware that stamp paper or bonded paper is not available in Australia, and if you have been asked to prepare your documents on stamp paper or bonded paper, it will need to be prepared in India and physically sent to you in Australia. Alternatively, if duty must be paid in some form or another, you should ask about having it post-stamped rather than pre-stamped and whether that will be acceptable in India.

Our experienced notary public is familiar with documents from India and frequently assists clients with urgent documentation for India on short notice. Call today to make an appointment for our notary services.