North Korea lashes Australia on human rights

You may read this and think it’s absurd that North Korea could criticise Australia on its human rights – but why isn’t it entitled to considering that Australia or any other country has felt entitled to do the same to North Korea? “Pot calling the kettle black” works both ways. The only question who is the pot and who is the kettle. Of course, you may say that there a stark difference to life in Australia and what it would be like in North Korea, but rights are rights and shouldn’t sovereign countries (not just Australia but everyone else in the international community) focus on their own issues before criticising others? Not supporting or justifying North Korea’s treatment of its citizens or its role in geopolitics, but just offering a perspective on an interesting news story.

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The hermitic and totalitarian dictatorship of North Korea – where millions are now reportedly on the brink of starvation – says it is very worried about what is happening in Australia.