Five cancelled flights, three likely COVID cases and thousands of dollars later, we’re finally home

Good article/opinion and perspective for anyone who continues to live in ignorance.

Some people (including people we know) insist the coronavirus is fake news – a conspiracy by authorities to control populations. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, with the number of people who have died (including family of many of our clients) despite being overseas, it’s not only an unfounded statement but insensitive too.

Australia has been spared the worst (so far) as a result of our geography, quarantine and local actions. But to say those actions were or are unnecessary is naive. Our blessings is in part because of our actions – and continued commitment to them.

Australians want to come home. There’s a reason for that.

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Australia’s strict arrivals system has proved financially, mentally and physically testing for thousands of Australians like me. But it’s been worth it, writes Nina George.