Malaysia – Public Notary for Pindahmilik Tanah, Bahagian atau Pajakan (Borang 14A)

Public Notary for Borang 14A and Sale and Purchase Agreements

MalaysiaIf you are buying or selling property in Malaysia, then you will need to use our public notary services when sorting through your legal documents.

We often assist Malaysian and non-Malaysian clients with signing, witnessing and notarisation of Sale and Purchase Agreements and associated documents.

Aside from the Sale and Purchase Agreements, clients generally need to sign other such documents as Borang 14A Pindahmilik Tanah, Bahagian atau Pajakan according to the Kanun Tanah Negara (National Land Code) as part of their property transactions in Malaysia.

All documents including original and the various copies signed in Australia for use in Malaysia must be properly notarised and subsequently returned to your lawyer in Malaysia to facilitate the transaction. All property transactions rely on valid legal documents and cannot proceed to completion until all document has been completed properly.

Depending on the nature of your property transaction and in addition to the Sale and Purchase Agreements, Borang 14A, your lawyer in Malaysia may send to you various statutory declarations or undertakings and other legal documents covering different matters, such as insolvency. Our experienced notary public is familiar with documents from Malaysia and frequently assists clients who need to send important documents to Malaysia on short notice.