Parramatta Notary Public – 2011 Happy New Year!

Notary Public Announcement

2011 is going to be a great year, and thank you to all of our notary clients who have already visited us in the first 2 weeks! While many other lawyers and notaries have closed for the summer break, we are pleased to report that our doors have been opened and we have addressed the growing demand for notary services across Sydney.

Also, unlike other notary services, we have decide to maintain our current notary pricing at least until 30 June 2011. So while inflation and interest rates continue to rise, we continue to provide our exemplary services at some of the lowest available rates in Sydney. We maintain a key competitive edge of being low cost and fixed fee, but also readily available and easily accessible.

Do you find it difficult to find a notary public in Sydney? And even if you find a notary public, are you able to see a notary public within a ‘reasonable period’ of time and without having to wait? In our experience, the majority of our clients come to us because we are easy to find and readily available. We make it a point of difference to see clients when they want or can be seen rather than ask our clients to wait days, weeks or months for an appointment.

Our fees are also an indicator of how seriously we take our notary public services. Maintaining a low fee to make it as inexpensive as possible for our clients to enjoy notary public services means we are able to help more people achieve what they need to achieve without the additional financial burden normally associated with obtaining notary public services.