Hong Kong – Public Notary Services for Notice of Intended Marriage

Public notary services to help you marry in Hong Kong

Hong KongIf you are resident or currently present in Australia and wish to marry in Hong Kong, there are a few things that you must do to satisfy the local law of Hong Kong to recognise your intended marriage. Key to this is the requirement for public notary services.

For example, you must (correct at the time of publication):

  1. Write directly to the Hong Kong Marriage Registration & Records Office to request the Notice of Intended Marriage (擬結婚通知書) form.
  2. After completing the form, you must have your signature authenticated by a public notary.
  3. Prepare the prescribed fee by bank draft made payable to ‘The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’.
  4. Prepare a letter requesting an appointment for a marriage ceremony.
  5. Return the completed form, the prescribed fee and the letter to the Hong Kong Marriage Registration & Records Office by registered airmail.

If you have been married previously or you have children from a previous marriage or relationship, there are other parts of the Notice of Intended Marriage that you must also complete. Those parts are made up of statutory declarations that must also be signed in front of the public notary.

The Notice of Intended Marriage takes effect from the date following the date of its receipt by the Hong Kong Marriage Registration and Records Office and they will confirm with you an appointment for the marriage ceremony by reply letter.

Our experienced public notary is familiar with the Notice of Intended Marriage form and frequently assists clients who need to send this important document Hong Kong on short notice by authenticating their signature on the form.

At the time of your appointment, you must bring your photo identification document so that you can prove your identity when you sign. You must also be able to properly elect/nominate the parts of the form that you must sign according to your own person circumstances.