Notary Public Services – Choosing a Notary – 3 simple considerations

What to look for when choosing a notary public

Compared to other countries around the world, the term ‘notary public‘ in Australia is relatively unknown and not used, yet notary services are an important part of international transactions.

Probably most people would not know what a notary public is or what a notary public does and resort to a search over the internet to find the definition or to even find one. Consequently the market for notary services is fairly limited resulting in relatively small number of available or practising notary publics compared to the population.

In choosing a notary public, you should take into account 3 simple considerations:-

  • Cost. One of the major issues that clients have with notary publics is the cost involved in notarising documents, especially if those documents must be subsequently authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and by the foreign office of the intended destination country. There are recommended scale notarial fees, however, they do include a timed component which will increase depending on the nature and complexity of the work requested. Most notary publics will charge an hourly rate, and being senior lawyers the hourly rate is generally on the higher end of the scale. We look to provide low cost fixed fee notary fees for all notary services and aim to provide one of the most competitively priced notary services in Sydney and across the Sydney metropolitan area. We avoid a timed component or hourly rate, and intentionally charge less than the recommended scale notarial fees. We believe our fee structure offers our clients exceptional value that they are not able to find from any other provider.
  • Experience. Experience is always important in giving you the best chance to achieve your intended goals. An experienced notary public will know how to deal with your document and what is required in making sure your document is properly notarised and will be recognised in the intended destination country. We have an extremely busy notary practice assisting many clients on a daily basis with their notarial requirements for intended destination countries all over the world. We are experienced with all kinds of documents from many different countries and are familiar with various requirements of different embassies and consulates. Our experience and knowledge of our notary services means we are able to confidently advise you and guide you through what may be unfamiliar territory to you, but daily practice for us.
  • Availability. As senior lawyers, notary publics are often very busy and most may not be able to fit you into their already packed schedule when you need their services. The difficulty in finding a notary public who is available when you need them to be available is a challenge that many clients face, so you are not alone. However, the solution is simple. We focus on being available when clients require us. At times this also means travelling to their home or place of work to facilitate whatever is required. Generally, we are also able to accomodate most client requests for appointments, including before and after normal business hours.