Iran – Notary Public witnessing Power of Attorney (وکالتنامه)

Parramatta notary public supporting the Iranian community with witnessing the Power of Attorney (وکالتنامه)

Dealing with the Iranian Embassy

irLooking to appoint someone to act on your behalf in Iran? The Iranian Embassy in Canberra (سفارت جوهوری اسالهی ایزاى – کانبزا) will assist anyone needing to legally appoint someone in Iran to act on their behalf. Generally, this process is achieved by signing a Power of Attorney (وکالتنامه).

Power of Attorney (وکالتنامه)

The Power of Attorney must be signed and witnessed by a notary public (دفتر اسناد رسمی / صاحب محضر) before sending the documents to the Embassy (or to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for authentication) and then eventually back to Iran. The standard power of attorney form is available from the Iranian Embassy.

The Iranian Embassy also provides templates for other forms of power of attorney dealing with such things as business, motor vehicles and other personal matters. Using the most appropriate form for your specific need will give you the best chance of achieving what you want to achieve in Iran with the least hassle or complication. Alternatively, we have prepared a template based on what our clients have used in the past (وكالتنامه).

Our experienced notary public is familiar with assisting clients with the Power of Attorney intended for Iran, and frequently assists clients with urgent documentation for Iran on short notice.

Please note that the common power of attorney that you could obtain from a lawyer in Australia or from the local post office will probably not be valid in Iran, and you should only use the form from the Iranian Embassy (درخواست تایید وکالتنامه ، رضایتنامه و امضاء بصورت غیر حضوری و پستی)