UAE – Can you travel with prescription medication?

Notarisation, authentication and legalisation of medication when travelling

As a leading provider of notary public services in Sydney, we often assist people who are taking prescription medicine or drugs when they travel overseas. Planning in advance avoids any complications later on, and therefore we encourage you to read on if this applies to you.

UAEDifferent countries have different laws regarding banned drugs or illegal substances and before entering any country you must check whether your prescription medicine is allowed in that country. If you do not, you risk breaking the law of that country with unknown (and possibly severe) consequences and penalties.

Even if your prescription medicine is acceptable and widely available in Australia DO NOT assume that the same applies to other countries – especially if you are travelling to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The UAE has clear guidelines regarding the ‘importation’ of medicine for personal use and anyone carrying medicine into the UAE must bring proof of the prescription. Proof of the prescription must be in the form of a doctor’s prescription or a report from a hospital that has been:

  1. Notarised by a notary public. Once you submit your original prescription to our notary public, we will contact the prescribing doctor or medical centre to verify the prescription before notarising it in a way that is acceptable for authentication;
  2. Authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). On receiving the notarised prescription, DFAT will confirm or ‘authenticate’ that the prescription has been properly notarised by our notary public; and
  3. Legalised by the UAE Embassy in Canberra. The UAE Embassy will confirm that DFAT has properly authenticated the notarised prescription and in doing so, legalises the authenticated and notarised prescription for use in the UAE in accordance with their local legal requirements.

To avoid unnecessary troubles or hassles when travelling to the UAE, our notary public services can assist you by helping you ensure that your prescription medicine satisfies their legal requirement to enter the UAE when you do.