Yes, there is a fee for notary public services

Notary public fees – recommend fees versus our fees

Most people know that the services of a justice of the peace should be free – without charge. Some people who may not be familiar with the difference between a notary public and a justice of the peace assume that a notary public also does not charge for their services or believe a notary public should not charge for their services. Often, those people are sorely disappointed when they start calling around for notary public services – because a notary public will generally charge a fee for their service. Not only that, but many people perceive that the fee is expensive compared to what they believe a notary public actually does or in comparison to what a notary public may charge in other countries.

Section 12 of the Public Notaries Act 1997 provides that:

“The Society of Notaries may prepare from time to time, and publish in the Gazette, a scale of indicative fees as a guide to the fees that it considers are fair and reasonable fees for the performance of notarial work.”

The fees for notary public services that appear in the Gazette are a GUIDE and while most notaries will acknowledge that this is only a guide and they are not obliged to follow it, it would be difficult for any notary to run a successful notary practice by charging more than the guide – the market just would not support it.

We also acknowledge that the fees for notary public services that appear in the Gazette are a guide only and since we are not bound by them, we follow our own policies when it comes to pricing for notary public services.

We believe in providing the best service at the lowest possible price. This does not in any way detract from the value that we place on notary public services – in fact, notary public services is one of our core areas of practice. It is because of our experience and expertise that people continue to approach us to assist with their notary requirements.

Our relationship with our clients and the public in general is of paramount importance to us, and it is a relationship that we do not take for granted. Aside from our experience and expertise in providing notary public services, this relationship is founded on the understanding that we are always doing the right thing by our clients. We know what it is to be a consumer of services and we do not just treat our clients how we would want to be treated – but more importantly, we treat clients how they want to be treated. The volume of jobs justifies us charging less than the fees for notary public services appearing in the Gazette. We reflect this in our low fixed-fee pricing and our clients appreciate that passing on any savings or the benefit to them is all part of our service.

Our experience and expertise in providing notary public services speaks for itself, and our attitude and approach to service and our clients underlines why we are a leading provider of notary public services in Sydney.