Where can I find a notary public?

Finding a notary public

So why are you reading this post? Chances are you’re looking for a notary public to assist you in signing or certifying documents to send overseas.

Notarising documents or the need to notarise documents isn’t as common in Australia as it is overseas so in generally, most people in Australia don’t know what a notary public is or what a notary public does. But if you live in Australia and need to send documents to another country, you’ll probably need to have those documents notarised by a notary public regardless of whether you know what they are or what they do.

When you need a notary public, do you know where you can find a notary public? There aren’t that many notaries around and so sometimes people have a hard time finding them. So where to start?

In the past, you might have used the phone book or Yellow Pages. Or you might visit your local court house, or post office (not that you’ll find a notary public in those places, but they’re probably the first place you’d think of). Some people may even ask a justice of the peace since they might not know what is the difference between a notary public and a justice of the peace.

These days, many people look on the internet. They might find a notary public by scrolling through the directory of notaries on the Society of Notaries of New South Wales website, or searching through the Notary Locator website, which is a privately owned directory website containing paid listings of notaries across Australia. Otherwise, you’re probably searching Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other major or popular search engine. Hopefully, that’s also how you’ve come to find this article.

The articles that appear on this website are based on personal and professional experiences in notarising many documents over many years. They’re an indication of the situations that we’re encountered before, as well as situations that we’re familiar with and have assisted clients with. You’ll probably find something in common with them as well which should give you the added confidence that you’ll achieve what you need to achieve through us.

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The short answer to ‘where can I find a notary public?’ is ‘right here’.