Malaysia – Notary Public assisting with Probate documents

Notary Public helping you managing deceased estates in Malaysia

MalaysiaAssisting the Malaysian community in Sydney with their notary requirements often means that we are called on to notarise legal documents used in applying for probate, or in the administration of deceased estates in Malaysia. Legal documents such as applications and affidavits required as part of legal proceedings in the High Court must be signed and witnessed by a notary public (notari awam) if signed outside of Malaysia (ie, in Australia).

If you reside in Sydney but have probate or estate issues in Malaysia, then our notary services can help you finalise your legal documents without hassle or complication. All we require is that you have your lawyer in Malaysia prepare your legal documents and send them to you in Australia with clear instructions as to what they or the court requires. If you do not have a lawyer in Malaysia, we are able to refer you to firms who have an existing relationship with our firm in previous matters.

If you are a Malaysian national signing applications or affidavits for probate or estate matters in Malaysia, you will also need to bring your Malaysian passport or identity card to verify your identity at the time of signing and notarisation.

Our experience and familiarity in dealing with probate and estate matters in Malaysia means we are able to also offer a low cost fixed fee to notarise legal documents intended to be used in Malaysia.