Mobile Notary – Notary Public Services at Your Convenience

Notary public services in your home or office

We understand that it can sometimes be inconvenient or practically impossible for you to visit a notary public during normal business hours. You might have other work or conflicting business commitments, or you might have transport problems or personal health or mobility issues. Whatever the case may be, if you are unable to travel to see a notary public then you need the notary public to visit you.

We offer a mobile notary service intended to assist you at the venue of your choice regardless of whether that venue is your home or your office, or any other place that you may be. Our notary public will come to you to notarise your documents so that you do not have to come to us.

Please note that mobile notary public services incur an additional fee for travelling depending on the distance from our office and the expected time to travel to your desired location and back. A minimum fee will also apply.

In our experience, clients who generally request our mobile notary service are corporate clients, especially when cost is not an issue or if their c-level manager’s time is more expensive than the combined notary and travel fees, or with clients who are unable to travel due to health. You do not have to fall within either of those categories to request our mobile notary service. Contact us today for a quote and then you can decide whether  you want our notary public to come to you or you will come to us.

Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Parramatta, which is the geographic centre of Sydney. It is close to public transport such as train, bus and ferry, and in walking distance from the major shopping centre which has ample free parking. Our office also has ground floor access to aid those who have mobility issues.