Philippines – Notary Public helping Business expand and recruit overseas

Notary public assisting businesses in the Philippines

PhilippinesOver the last few years, as a notary public we have observed many of our clients – being Australian businesses, look at expanding their operations into the Philippines or consider hiring people from the Philippines.

In most cases, the reasoning is the same – the Philippines has relatively low labour costs, their population is generally highly educated or skilled, and most important for many Australian businesses, they are English-speaking and English-educated. Although there are other alternatives, the Philippines always seems to be one of the preferred options. (This statement is purely an observation based on clients who request assistance with legal services and notary public services. It is not based on research data across a wide sample, and it is not intended to be advice of any kind. You should make your own enquiries before considering operating in any foreign market.)

Whether our clients are exploring opportunities to expand their business in to Asia or outsource services in the Philippines, or hire employer-sponsored workers from the Philippines, the paperwork necessary to complete the task must be notarised and then legalised by the Philippine Consulate. Ensuring that the paperwork is in order is the best way to avoid any unnecessary hassle, delay and additional costs in terms of what has to happen in Australia as well as the Philippines.

On the Australian-end, we assist our clients to notarise their documentation quickly, efficiently and in a way that is valid and acceptable to the Philippine Consulate and for use in the Philippines. Each country is different and so it is important to make sure you satisfy the requirements of the Philippine Consulate, whatever they may be to avoid unnecessary hassles, delay or additional costs – please visit their website or phone them on +61 2 9262 7377 for more information.

In the Philippines, our clients generally engage recruitment agents or other local partners to assist them in processing any documents required by various levels of government.

If you are an Australian business looking to Philippines for future opportunities, then you need to speak to us about your business plans and your notary public requirements.