Fiji – Notary Public helping with Property and Probate

Notary public services for Property and Probate in Fiji

FijiAs an experienced notary public, we assist clients with their interests in different countries all over the world – including Fiji. For clients with property dealings and probate matters in Fiji, our notary public services have provided them with a cost effective solution to their document signing requirements.

Documents intended for use in Fiji, but signed in Australia must be notarised by a notary public. If not, those documents may not be legally valid or recognised in Fiji, especially if you need to submit those documents to any kind of government department. If you want to avoid any unnecessary delay or additional cost, you should first understand the formal requirements for documents to be used in Fiji but signed in Australia and the best place to start is to ask your lawyer in Fiji for clear instructions as to what you need to do in Australia.

We regularly assist our clients whenever they buy or sell property in Fiji, or are required to complete documents for probate matters including estate management and other legal proceedings. In most cases, the documents will be prepared by lawyers in Fiji and sent, either by email or in a hard copy format, before being delivered to us for signing and sealing.

Some common documents that we see regularly from clients include:

  • power of attorney
  • affidavits and declarations for use in legal proceedings
  • contracts or agreements for buying and selling property
  • probate applications and renunciations for estates, and
  • applications regarding residency or citizenship in Fiji

Even if the documents that your lawyer in Fiji has sent you does not fall within any one of these examples, the likelihood is that those documents will still need to be notarised by a notary public. Properly notarising your documents with a notary public means your documents can then be used in Fiji without you having to leave Australia.