Notary Public Services – Life Certificates for Eastern Europe

Notary public witnessing potvrda o životu or life certificates

European-UnionIf you are relying on a regular pension from a foreign country, the likelihood is that you will be required to prove that you are still alive on a regular basis before they will process and pay that pension. In our experience, we find that this is very common especially with countries in Eastern Europe and the Balkan states – and in all cases, the process that is commonly adopted involves completing a ‘life certificate’ also referred to as potvrda o životu and having it witnessed by a notary.

“Potvrda o životu je akt kojim korisnik prava iz penzijskog i invalidskog osiguranja (penzija, renta, novčana naknada itd.) nosiocu osiguranja – isplatiocu davanja, dokazuje da je živ i da i dalje postoji pravni osnov za isplatu tog davanja.”

Even if your life certificate is not written in the English language (and they rarely are because of the language of the intended destination countries), we notarise the certificate by verifying your identity and witnessing your signature. Each country has a different form and different procedural requirement, but between them all the same applies – if you wish to receive the pension, you must confirm that you are alive and you do that by identifying yourself to us in our capacity as your notary. Remember to bring your photographic identification (ie, passport, drivers licence etc) with you to your appointment so that we can complete and notarise the potvrda o životu or life certificate properly.

You may also need to check whether you must obtain an apostille for the life certificate after it has been notarised. Many countries around Eastern Europe and the Balkan states as signatories to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents and therefore will recognise an apostille.

Our notary services provide regular assistance to many senior citizens, now residing in Australia, but entitled to receive a pension from other countries where they previously lived and worked. Fortunately, our office has a ground floor entry and easily accessible, especially to those clients who have mobility issues. It pleases us to see these regular and valued clients return time and time again and assist them with their life certificates.