Korea – Notary Public for Educational Qualifications and Apostille (아포스티유)

Notary public services and apostille for Australian Education Qualifications used in Korea

KoreaAs an experienced notary public, we provide notary public services to Korean overseas students.

We often verify and notarise their educational qualifications and academic records, and we obtain an apostille (아포스티유) from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) on their behalf.

Notarisation of the testamur, academic results or transcripts, letters of completion and other educational qualifications or academic records is generally required if you have attended an Australian education institution but want to use those documents in another country like Korea.

In many cases, our clients require our notary public services and an apostille to apply for further studies or for employment in Korea, especially if they studied in a primary or secondary school, or a private tertiary institution in Australia. So whatever the reason may be, if you are studying in Australia but have studied in Australia, but you are now intending to travel to, study in or work in Korea, you should consider whether your educational qualifications and your academic records need to be notarised and stamped with an apostille. It is possible that without an apostille, your documents may not be acceptable or recognised in Korea.

If you are planning on returning to Korea and you know you need an apostille, then consider making your arrangements for notarisation and the apostille while you are still in Australia and before you return. Normal processing times for the apostille are least 7 days, and if there are complications or delays it could take even longer. Do not leave this until just before you travel. There will not be enough time for your documents to be notarised and stamped with an apostille and there are no exceptions to the processing times, especially with DFAT.

If you do not notarise or stamp your documents with an apostille before you leave Australia, you can still do it when you are back in Korea. Some clients only realise that they need an apostille after they have returned to Korea, and in those cases they normally contact a local ‘apostille agent’ to arrange for their documents to be notarised and stamped with an apostille. We work closely with a number of apostille agents in Korea to assist clients who have already returned to Korea but now need to have their documents stamped with an apostille.