Italy – Application for Declaration of Value

ItalyIf you wish to work or study in Italy and need proof of your qualifications from a tertiary educational institution in Australia, you must also apply for a Declaration of Value from the Consulate General of Italy. The Declaration of Value (also known as Dichiarazione Di Valore) is the Consulate’s confirmation that it has assessed your qualification according to the local education system.

The process is well established and applies to qualification from all foreign countries (not just Australia) if students wish to rely on their qualifications in Italy. If you are not sure whether you require the Declaration of Value, you should check with whoever may have prompted you investigate further into this process. Generally, the Declaration of Value is necessary so that your Australian qualification will be valid and recognised by employers or educational institutions in Italy.

The process to obtain the Declaration of Value starts by:

  1. Obtaining the qualification, academic transcript and a letter confirming the minimum duration of the course from the relevant educational institution.
  2. Notarising those documents and/or stamping them with an apostille from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
  3. Translating the documents into Italian by an accredited NAATI translator.
  4. Submitting the translated documents to the Consulate General of Italy with all other supporting documentation.

For anyone who is not familiar with the process, it does seem rather complicated. However, as a leading provider of notary public services, we have assisted clients with obtaining the Declaration of Value from the Consulate General of Italy in Sydney.

We provide fixed quotes for the component of work that is directly under our care, being the notarisation and obtaining the apostille. We only provide fixed quotes in relation to the translation or the fees charged by the Consulate once the documents have been notarised and stamped with an apostille.

To start the application process, download the RICHIESTA DI DICHIARAZIONE DI VALORE (Application for Declaration of Value) here.