Non-resident Indian Sponsorships for Studies and Further Education

Sponsoring your relatives in India for further studies

IndiaEvery year (around this time) we receive many calls from clients who are sponsoring their relatives for further studies on other countries. Generally, this applies to non-resident Indians now living in Australia with relatives in India who will be undertaking a course of some sort through a university in India. Generally, the forms necessary to confirm the sponsorship are provided by the university, and each university may have its own sponsorship form containing its preferred terms and conditions for the sponsorship.

In most cases, the sponsorship form will detail the students name and address as well as the course that they intend to study. The sponsor will also have their name and address with an indication of the amount they pledge to the university to cover the student’s fees and expenses associated with the course and in some cases with college and living expenses. The sponsorship form will need to be notarised, and this is essentially what we can do to assist you if you find yourself looking for a notary public to help you with this form.

What sponsorship form?

Depending on which university your relative intends to enrol in, you should ask them to provide you with the sponsorship form (sometimes a sponsorship letter) specifically for that university. There is little point to write your own letter or use a different university’s letter and go to the expense of having it notarised only for it to be rejected by the intended university because it is not in accordance with their requirements. A simple internet search reveals that many universities publish their ‘standard’ sponsorship forms or the content of their requires sponsorship letters on the internet, however we recommend not relying on your own searches – rather approach the university directly (or obviously ask the relative that you are sponsoring to do this) to make sure you are going to be using the correct form.

VFS or consulate endorsement required?

Our experience suggests that the NRI sponsorship forms do not need to be endorsed or countersigned by VFS or the Chinese Consulate. Rather, after the forms have been signed and notarised by us, our clients usually send them to the sponsored student or to the relevant university.

In all cases, clients who need assistance with having this form notarised will need to make an appointment with our office. The process for notarisation is simple. You simply need to ensure that your form or letter is correct as well as the spelling of all names and vital information and then contact our office to make an appointment. At the time of your appointment, you will need to sign the form in our presence so that we can confirm we have witnessed your signature. We will then notarise your document by placing a stamp on all pages and the certification and seal on the back page with your signature.