Canada – Notarising documents for migration to Canada

Do we assist clients with notarising their documents to support their application to migrate to Canada? Yes, we do.

Do we notarise documents that were not issued in Australia so that they can be used in Canada? No, we do not.

CanadaAs a leading provider of notary public services in Sydney, we are frequently asked to notarise supporting documents for Canadian migration (even before the US 2016 election). Often those supporting documents are documents originating from Australia and sometimes they are documents originating from other countries. As much as we wish to assist our clients with notarising their documents, we are not able to notarise most foreign documents.

For example, in support of their application to migrate to Canada or obtain a Canadian visa, some people may ask us to notarise birth certificates, marriage certificates or education and qualifications issued from other countries other than Australia. We are not able to notarise those documents because they were not issued from Australia. If those documents were Australian birth certificates, Australian marriage certificates, or education and qualifications from an Australian educational institution – then yes, we can notarise those documents.

Any other foreign document should be notarised by a notary public in the country where those documents originated. A notary public should not really be notarising a document issued from a foreign country, and if they did there is a possibility that the notarisation would not be accepted or the document would be rejected because there would be no basis on which the notary public would, could or should verify a document from another country. Generally, the only foreign document that we will notarise is the passport. The passport is an internationally accepted document and in Australia serves as some people’s primary form of identification or even only form of identification.

Accordingly, if you are compiling supporting documents for an application to migrate to Canada, or you are applying for a visa to live or work in Canada, then make note of where your supporting documents originated so that you can then ensure that they are notarised properly in order to satisfy the Canadian requirements. If your documents originate from more than one country, then the chances are that you will need to consult more than one notary public – each from each country. If your documents originate from Australia, then we can help you with notarising those documents in Australia.