Notary Public Services – Notary Public assisting international business

Notary public services for international trade and commerce

You will probably require the services of a notary public if you are looking to expand your business internationally by venturing into overseas foreign countries.

Formal documents confirming personal identity or business and company registrations in Australia will need to be notarised by a notary public and perhaps even legalised through apostille or authentication by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Attempting to obtain the same services from a justice of the peace or commissioner of oaths is likely to lead to rejection as only notarial acts by a notary public will be recognised and accepted in other countries. Notary services are unique to notary publics.

We are experienced in assisting Australian businesses venturing into countries such as China, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and India with the notarisation of their legal and business documents.  We offer the services of a notary public to assist you with all formal documentation required by international and multinational businesses.

If you have a lawyer or an agent in the intended destination country, check the legal requirements of that country to ensure that whatever you do in Australia in terms of preparing, signing or notarising the document will be legally valid and acceptable according to the laws of the destination country.