Mauritius – Legal Documents and Apostille

Sending Legal Documents to Mauritius

MauritiusHaving been once controlled by both the French and the British, the laws in Mauritius inherit a little from the French Civil Code and from the British Common Law (similar to what we have in Australia). If you live in Australia and you need to sign legal documents for Mauritius, the general requirement is that those legal documents must be notarised by a notary public. As Mauritius and Australia are signatories to the Apostille Convention, those notarised legal documents must also be stamped with an apostille from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in order for them to be accepted in Mauritius.

As a leading provider of notary public services in Sydney, we assist many clients with their legal documents intended for Mauritius. For example, if you are buying or selling property in Mauritius, operating a business in Mauritius or maybe you have some sort of family estate in Mauritius that needs to be administered on your behalf. We can assist you with notarising whatever legal documents your lawyer prepares for you and we can also arrange for the apostille from DFAT.

Appointing an attorney

Aside from any other legal documents that you must sign to look after your dealings in Mauritius, you may also want to consider appointing an attorney. In most cases, it is more economical for you to appoint an attorney to look after all of your property, business and other legal affairs on your behalf instead of flying every time you need to do something.

Appointing an attorney under a power of attorney is a common approach to this kind of situation. Your power of attorney should be prepared in accordance with the laws and procedures in Mauritius (not according to Australia or its states) and your signature on that power of attorney must be witnessed by a notary public before it is notarised.

After notarisation, you must also arrange for that document to be stamped with an apostille. Even if your document has been properly notarised by notary public it will not be accepted if it has not been stamped with an apostille. The signature and seal of our notary public is registered with DFAT and so documents notarised by our office can be processed and stamped with an apostille quickly and without delay.

Legal advice and assistance

If you have any questions about the law or specific legal requirements in Mauritius, including writing legal documents, you should always consult a lawyer in Mauritius. Your lawyer should be able to provide you with the necessary legal advice and prepare all relevant legal documents to look after your requirements overseas.

Taking a little time and effort to make the relevant enquiries with the appropriate people will ensure a hassle-free transaction both here in Australia and overseas.