Ukraine – Birth Certificates and Apostille

Registering the birth of your child in the Ukraine

UkraineIf you are originally from the Ukraine but you have had a child in Australia, you may want to register your child’s birth or otherwise inform the government in the Ukraine of their birth.

Normally, the primary evidence of someone’s birth (and related information such as parents names and place of birth) is their birth certificate. A birth certificate is normally issued by the regulatory authority of the place of birth. For example, people born in New South Wales should receive a birth certificate from the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages.

If your child was born in Australia, but you want to prove or register their birth overseas, then depending on the other country you generally need to have the birth certificate stamped with an apostille by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) or authenticated by DFAT and then legalised by the consulate, embassy or foreign office of the other country.

Australian government documents (such as birth certificates, marriage certificates or death certificates) being sent to the Ukraine normally must be stamped with an apostille because both Australia and the Ukraine are signatories to the Apostille Convention. Accordingly, if you are sending your child’s birth certificate to the Ukraine for whatever reason (ie, registering their birth or applying for a passport), you can either:

  1. Ask DFAT to stamp the apostille on the original birth certificate; or
  2. If you want to keep the original birth certificate, then the copy of the birth certificate must be notarised before it can be stamped with an apostille.

As a leading provider of notary public services in Sydney, we often help clients who need to send their child’s birth certificates to the Ukraine. We can help you to either arrange for the apostille on the original of that birth certificate or on a notarised copy of that birth certificate.

This service is only available to Australian birth certificates. Birth certificates from other countries must be processed through those countries and cannot be stamped with an apostille or notarised in Australia.