Verification and notarisation of Employment Records

Do you need to prove that you have a job in Australia?

As a leading provider of notary public services in Sydney, clients often ask us to help them to prove that they have a job in Australia. We can help by verifying their employment records and notarising them. Employment records may include documents such as letters of employment, payslips, and tax assessments.

Depending on the intended destination country, after these documents have been notarised they must also be stamped with an apostille or authenticated through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and legalised through the relevant foreign consulate or embassy. It is important to remember that if you do not follow the correct process, there is a possibility that your documents will not be accepted overseas.

If you are not sure of the specific requirements of the intended destination country, you should start by asking the person who requires proof of your employment. Sometimes you might need to prove that you are employed, that you have the right to work, that you have an income or simply that you have savings in Australia. In many cases, it is because you are buying property or taking a bank loan overseas and you must prove that you are able to afford the loan and make the repayments. Proof of employment with letters of employment, payslips or tax assessments helps to show that you can service your loan.

Notarisation and the apostille or authentication and legalisation confirms that the documents were issued by your employer, or in the case of the tax assessment, by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

How do we notarise?

In order to notarise documents issued by your employer, such as letters of employment or payslips, we will send a copy of those documents to your employer for verification. The turn around time for verification and notarisation really depends on how quickly your employer responds to our request for verification.

Preferably, you will also have the original documents, however as most documents are issued electronically these days, we will generally accept copies or printed versions of electronic copies once we can verify them with your employer. We will not be able to notarise your documents if we cannot verify your documents with your employer.

We will notarise the original or copies of your tax assessments issued by the ATO without additional verification on the condition that you produce the original tax assessments. If you cannot produce an original tax assessment, or if your documentation with the ATO is an electronic format, we can attempt to verify the information with your accountant or tax agent and notarise the copy of the document based on that information and verification.