Bahrain – Company Documents and Apostille

Bahrain does not have a diplomatic presence in Australia

BahrainLike Australia, Bahrain is a signatory to the Apostille Convention. This means that any documents from Australia sent to Bahrain must be stamped with an apostille from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Without the apostille, those document may be rejected.

As a leading provider of notary public services in Sydney, we can help you with notarising your documents and arranging for the apostille from DFAT to be stamped on your documents. We commonly notarise personal, business and company documents such as:

  • Personal identification documents. Proving your identity is important, especially if there are parties or government departments in Bahrain who want to confirm who they might be dealing with in Australia. We offer this service. We can verify your identity according to your photograph identification document, such as your passport, and provide evidence to whoever may be requiring it in Bahrain in the form of a notarised copy of that identification document.
  • Witnessing documents. Once you have proven your identity, you may also need to prove that you have signed documents, such as the power of attorney, contracts or board resolutions. After we verify your identity according to your photograph identification document, we can witness your signature and notarise your document confirming that you signed it in our presence. In most countries, including Bahrain, this will be acceptable proof that you were the person who signed the document. Generally, an internationally accepted photograph identification such as your passport is the preferred form of identification, however, if the document that you are signing refers to any specific identification number, you will also need to bring the corresponding identification document.
  • Government-issued personal certificates. Most people have the same ‘standard’ certificates like birth certificates, change of name certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates. If these documents have been issued in Australia (ie, through an Australian government office) we can either arrange for the apostille to be stamped on the original certificate, or if you intend to keep the original certificate and only send a copy, we can notarise the copy (ie, certified copy) and arrange for the apostille to be stamped on that notarised certified copy of the certificate. If you need to prove that you are divorced, you can present your divorce order to our office and we can notarise it in order for it to be stamped with an apostille.
  • Banking and finance documents. If you need to show that you have savings (or capital) with a financial institution in Australia, the common form of proof that you could use would be bank statements or a letter from your bank. If you need to send bank statements to Bahrain, you must first arrange for those statements to be stamped by the bank. We require this step before we can notarise the statements because many banks now issue electronic statements instead of original statements. The stamp from the bank verifies to us that it was issued by the bank. Once we can verify that the statement was issued by the bank (regardless of whether it was originally issued in paper or electronic form), we can notarise the statements and then arrange for the apostille.
  • Company and business documents. We regularly notarise company documents such as board and director resolutions, company constitution, company accounts and incorporation certificates. Generally, the purpose of notarising company documents is to prove that the company exists or that the documents are the actual company documents. All documents must be notarised before they can be stamped with an apostille. Even if you have an existing certificate of incorporation or business name certificate, we will verify the information with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to confirm that the company or the business was registered as well as its current status. In many cases, whoever you may be dealing with in Bahrain will require this information from ASIC before they will accept any dealings with the company a legitimate.