Georgia – Signing the Power of Attorney (მინდობილობის) in Australia

Appointing an attorney in Georgia

GeorgiaDealing with your property, business and personal matters in Georgia while you are living in Australia can be troublesome and a hassle. There are several options other than making arrangements to travel to Georgia to deal with your legal matters yourself. One option is to appoint someone under a Power of Attorney (მინდობილობის) in Georgia to represent you or act on your behalf.

From time to time we are asked to witness and notarise the Power of Attorney for clients with business or property dealings in Georgia. The process can be broken into two parts:

  1. We witness and notarise the Power of Attorney; and
  2. We arrange for the Power of Attorney to be stamped with an apostille from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

If you do not follow this procedure and you do not stamp the Power of Attorney (მინდობილობის) with the apostille, it may not be recognised in Georgia. If your Power of Attorney is rejected, you would need to have it re-signed, witnessed, notarised, and then stamped with an apostille. It is important to get the right advice and follow the right procedure to avoid any unnecessary delay or cost.

Occasionally clients also ask us for copies of a Power of Attorney that they can use, however in all cases we encourage our clients to make enquiries with a lawyer in Georgia or with their intended attorney to confirm what kind of document is required and the process that it must follow in order to be valid in Georgia.