Iran – Consent to issue passport and permission to travel (رضایتنامه خروج همسر و فرزندان)

Parramatta notary public supporting the Iranian community.

Consenting to Iranian passport and providing permission to travel

IranDoes your family in Iran need to travel? For women and children under 18 years, the law in Iran requires consent from their husband or father.

In Australia, the Iranian Embassy in Canberra (سفارت جوهوری اسالهی ایزاى – کانبزا) can help you to issue Iranian passports and grant permission for travel.

But what steps do you need to follow to avoid unnecessary delays and additional costs?

Generally, you can grant consent for your family to travel by signing a consent form (رضایتنامه خروج همسر و فرزندان) before a notary public (دفتر اسناد رسمی). The notarised consent form should be sent to the Embassy (or to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for authentication) for processing or even for delivery to Iran – depending on where your family may be living at the time.

If you are not sure of what documents you must submit to the Embassy or the exact process that you must follow, you should contact the Embassy for more information by visiting the Embassy website (سفارت جوهوری اسالهی ایزاى – کانبزا) or by phoning them on +61 2 6290 7000. The standard consent form is also available from the Embassy and can be easily downloaded and printed. By understanding this process or knowing where to get help means you can avoid unnecessary delays and additional costs.

Our experienced notary public is familiar with assisting clients with the consent to issue Iranian passports and permission to travel intended for women and children under 18 years. We frequently assist clients with urgent documentation for Iran on short notice and work closely with various migrant centres and community organisations to assist members of the Iranian community.

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