India – Additional documents that need to be notarised

IndiaHave you noticed that VFS has updated many of their checklists? If not, you had better visit their website and download their current checklists, especially if you are in the middle of submitting applications, otherwise, you may find out the hard way that your applications will be rejected or returned.

In the past many documents could be attested by a justice of the peace, however, for people living in New South Wales, the changes introduced at the end of August 2020 now mean those documents must be notarised by a notary public. For example, when submitting some applications you could include a copy of your passport that was attested by a notary public, but now it must be attested by a notary public.

Unfortunately, while a justice of the peace is a community service and free of charge, notary public services are not. This just means your applications to VFS will be unavoidably more expensive because of these new requirements.

As a leading provider of notary public services, we assist many clients within the Indian community around Sydney with notarising their various documents to be used in India or to be submitted to VFS. Documents such as the general power of attorney or special power of attorney, FORM J, FORM I and FORM V used for various renewals of passports, or other legal and court documents that must also be stamped and attested by VFS.

If requested, we can also help you with obtaining the apostille from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Keep in mind that due to the Apostille Convention, documents that have been notarised and stamped with an apostille generally do not require further authentication or legalisation for India.