Reopening for face-to-face appointments from 11 October 2021

We’re pleased to announce that in accordance with easing restrictions across Sydney, our office will reopen to take face-to-face appointments with people who are fully vaccinated or who have a medical exemption from Monday, 11 October 2021.

Like many other businesses, we’ve been closed to the public for face-to-face appointments due to the restrictions and stay-at-home orders in place since the end of June 2021 (some 3+ months). It’s been a very difficult time for us and so we appreciate everyone’s support and patience throughout these restrictions.

In accordance with the NSW Government’s roadmap to recovery, we’ll only be opened to people who are fully vaccinated or who have a medical exemption. If you are intending to make an appointment, please ensure that you’re able to prove that you’re fully vaccinated or that you have a medical exemption otherwise we’ll have no choice but to refuse entry.

Failure to comply with these restrictions can result in a fine for you (up to $1,000) and a fine for us too (up to $5,000).

To prove that you are fully vaccinated, you must be able to show:

  • COVID-19 digital certificate – in your Express Plus Medicare app.
  • COVID-19 digital certificate – in your Medicare online account through myGov.
  • COVID-19 digital certificate – in your Android Wallet, or iOS Wallet.
  • Printed copy of your COVID-19 digital certificate.
  • Immunisation history statement – shown digitally.
  • Printed copy of your immunisation history statement.

To prove that you have a medical exemption, you must be able to show:

  • COVID-19 medical clearance notice – digitally or as a printed copy
  • COVID-19 medical exemption form – printed copy must be signed by a doctor
  • Immunisation history statement – medical exemption

For more information, see

Once again, we thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation during this time.

Face-to-face appointments are necessary if you require witnessing services or verification of identification services. For example, if you need to sign a document (like a power of attorney, a statutory declaration, or an affidavit) in front of a notary public, then you need to do that in person at a face-to-face appointment. This means our notary public will witness you sign your document and will notarise your document on the basis that you came before them, you signed your document in front of them, and that they witnessed you signed your document. Due to current government restrictions, this means you must be fully vaccinated.

Face-to-face appointments are not necessary for certifying copies passports or Australian public or private documents issued by an Australian organisation. For example, if you need to certify a copy of an Australian identification document (like a drivers licence or government-issued photocard), an Australian personal certificate (like a birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, change of name certificate) or an Australian education document, an Australian employment document, an Australian medical document, an Australian banking or financial document, an Australian utility bill, or a document from an Australian employer for use overseas, you do not need to come in person for a face-to-face appointment. You can arrange for that original document to be delivered to our office without coming to our office yourself or without needing to be vaccinated in order to come to our office.