Canada – Identification Certificate for Buying and Selling Property

Certification of Identity for Canada

CanadaFrom our perspective, there has been an increasing number of clients in Sydney buying or selling property in Canada.

For some time we have taken notice of increased number of transactions in the United States of America. Now it seems as though the lure of ‘more’ affordable pricing and the strong Australian dollar has cross the border to include Canada and affect the whole of North America.

The Canadian legal system is unique in the sense that it incorporates a common law system (originating from England) and a civil law system (originating from France) in different provinces – naturally, given the history of the nation and the fact that Canada is also part French-speaking (essentially Quebec). However in the number of property transactions that we have seen and assisted clients with over the last 6 months or so, one requirement remains constant – the certification of identity.

If you are buying or selling property in Canada, but you are living in Sydney the challenge for anyone in Canada who is acting on your behalf or acting for the other party is being able to verify your identity. How do they know that you are who you say you are or that you are the person signing the documents? The solution is a notary public.

As part of our notary public services, we will assist you in completing all of the documents necessary to complete your property transaction in Canada. This may include witnessing your signature on various legal documents such as agreements, contracts, bills of sale, and declarations. It will also include providing a certificate as to your identity. This certification or identification of individual, often appears on a Client Identification and Verification Form, and it requires us (or any other notary public) to verify your identity by including a notarial certificate on a copy of your photographic identification. Common forms of photographic identification would include passport or drivers licence.

Depending on the specific requirements of the province in which you are buying or selling property, and the instructions from your representatives in Canada, we generally complete our requirements at the time of your appointment or at least on the same day (if we are required to bind the documents).