Ukraine – Apostille (Апостиль) and Birth Certificates

Sending birth records to the Ukraine

UkraineIf you are sending legal documents from Australia to the Ukraine, you need to have those documents stamped with an apostille.

An apostille (Апостиль) is a certificate from the Department of Foreign Trade and Affairs confirming that the document is either:

  1. an original government document; or
  2. a document that has been notarised.

Once the document has been stamped with an apostille, it will be accepted in the Ukraine. Without an apostille, the document may be rejected resulting in further delays and additional costs.

According to the Apostille Convention, an apostille can only be issued on public documents that are:

  • documents from an authority or an official connected with a court or tribunal;
  • public administrative documents prepared by an administrative agency or government authority; or
  • documents issued or signed by a notary public.

We assist many clients by arranging for an apostille to be stamped on original birth certificates issues by the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages. You can order multiple copies so that you have extras or spares in case you need to use the certificates for other purposes locally or overseas.

As a leading provider of notary public services in Sydney we also assist with notarising other documents, including certified copies of original government documents, so that they can be stamped with an apostille and sent to the Ukraine.

In most cases, we generally allow for up to 5 business days processing times to ensure that the documents have been properly notarised an stamped with an apostille. Our experience in assisting clients with sending documents to the Ukraine means you can have confidence and peace of mind knowing that we are looking after your best interest.